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L.I.F.E. Limbs Community Health Workers 

Health & Wellness Educators

A community health worker (CHW) serves as a liaison between the community and the health care, government and social service systems. These are the people on the front lines, providing advocacy, education, and support to civilians in order to help them improve their lifestyle and connect them with their proper healthcare options. They collect data and discuss health concerns with specific populations.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

LIFE Limbs is Active in the Florida Community Health Workers Coalition

Community Partner

FJALM supports women through LIFE transforming teaching and learning experiences. We believe that WELLNESS MATTERS and we support education surrounding these eight areas as outlined by Congregational Health Promoters (CHP) program: Faith Life, Medical, Movement, Work, Emotional, Nutrition, and Friends & Family. In Partnership with BayCare Faith Community Nursing, we incorporate and encourage the use of biblical principles in matters related to each of these areas.

Being aware of Wellness Matters can increase life quality and help in meeting life's challenges. Contact us to see how we can come together to effect change in your LIFE and in the community.

Model for Healthy Living by Church Health Center, Inc.©

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WE are African American Community Health Educators of diverse backgrounds who build bridges and act as liaisons in public health. We facilitate evidenced-based self-management curriculums in disease and injury prevention for Adults. Strong partnerships allow us to share resources, make referrals, and engage with underserved populations through community outreach.

Why us?

WE are a para-church organization dedicated to bringing FAITH to everyday life experiences. Faith is part of who we are, inside and out. Matters of Wellness help us to define who we are, and where we belong. We may feel hopeless when we are hurt: physically, emotionally, or socially.

WE believe that Faith is a key element in helping to REgroup, REbuild, and REcover.

WE want to be a supportive link to your network, whatever challenges you face.